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November 17, 2020

Lunch today: BBQ on a Bun, Applesauce, Baked Beans

MS/HS Announcements

1. Friday, Nov 20 - JHGBB Home vs White River @ 4:00 3 Games

2. Winner Area HS Wrestling will start Next Monday November 23rd. Practice will begin at 3:45pm. A sign-up sheet is at the office.

3. Report Card Slips not returned signed: 12th:Rhet Bertram, Lanie Bolton, Luke Bolton, Arista Kaiser, Linkyn Petersek, Gavin Tucker. 11th: Kasie Leighton, Brayden Seegers, Dusty Sell. 10th: Penelope Chasing Hawk, Silas Chasing Hawk, Devan Dougherty, Kash Heath, Ashlyn Hoffine, Billy Looking Cloud, Burner Schenefeld. 9th: Shanna Connot. 8th: Raylynn Dehning, Leticia DeNoyer, Hadley Harruff, Camryn Seegers, Allie Spellman. 7th: Paige Beckers, Cash Hemming, TayShaun Hoffer, Anthony Mundo, Aleah Musser, Chyanne Poler, Christopher Rinker, Kallan Totton.

4. A reminder to all students, hats are not allowed during the school day. If kids want to wear a hat on Friday, the cost is $1.00. Proceeds will go towards the Hoffer family. This applies to all students

Elementary Announcements

1. If kids want to wear a hat all day in school Friday the cost is $1.00. Proceeds will go towards the Hoffer family.

Happy Birthday: Baya Dehning