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September 24, 2021

Lunch today: Cheese Quesadillas, Peas, Mandarin Oranges

MS/HS Announcements

1. NHS has extra homecoming shirts available. Contact Mrs. Bolie if interested. First come first serve. Payment due at pick up.

Youth Short Sleeve $15

Large 1

XL 1

Long Sleeve $17

Small 1

2. Worker for the Football game Friday, Sept. 24: 1st: Shanna, Maura, Joseph. 2nd: Joseph, Emma, Shanna

3. Band please report to the field by 6 on Friday, Sept. 24th …music room by 5:45 to help transport instruments.

4. Monies for School Portraits are due Wednesday, September 29th.

5. The National Guard will be presenting to the Juniors and Seniors next Thursday, Sept. 30th, during Green Time. Juniors and Seniors, please be sure to plan around this time.

6. Tripp County Ambulance Cadet Program applications are in the office. They are due Sept. 30th.

7. Mrs. Heath has special presenters coming in next Tuesday, September 28. Kevin and Heidi Cheng, duo performers of piano and violin will be coming to present to our school. They will present to the 6-12th during Green time in the gym. Let me know if you have any questions.

8. NHS Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5th, during Green Time in Mrs. Bolie’s room. Check in to your Green Time first.

9. Friday, Sept 24 - Football vs Burke @ 7:00 HOME PARENT'S NIGHT -- Parents will be announced at 6:45.

10.Saturday, Sept 25 - Volleyball @ Kimball KWL Tourney - Cowgirls will leave at 7:45 a.m.

11.Saturday, Sept 25 - Cross Country @ Platte

12.Saturday, Sept 25 - JHFB Jamboree @ Gayville Volin @ 10:00 Van leaves @ 6:30


10:00 Gayville Volin vs Colome

11:00 Colome vs Centerville

12:00 Avon vs Colome

If they get ahead schedule, they will stay ahead of schedule.

NOTE** This Jamboree replaces the White River Jamboree that had been scheduled for this date.

13.Monday, Sept 27 - JHFB vs KWL HOME @ 4:00

14.Monday, Sept 27 - JHVB vs Burke HOME @ 4:00 3 Matches 5/6th - 7th - 8th

15.Tuesday, Sept 28 - Cross Country @ Todd County

16.Tuesday, Sept 28 - JHVB vs ACDC HOME @ 4:00 2 Matches 5/6/7th - 8th

17.Tuesday, Sept 28 - Volleyball vs ACDC HOME "C" Match at 5:!5, JV @ 6:30

18.Thursday, Sept 30 - Cross Country @ Burke

19.Friday, Oct 1 - Football @ Avon at 7:00 Bus @ 3:45 Brett Driver

20.Saturday, Oct 2 - JHFB @ Burke Jamboree TBD Van

21.Saturday, Oct 2 - JHVB @ Bassett NE TBD Vans

22.Saturday, Oct 2 - Volleyball @ Gayville Volin TBD Vans

23.The last home football game is scheduled for October 8th vs Gayville Volin. Normally, this would be when we celebrate Parent's night. However, due to the shortage of officials and to help alleviate the problems we face with this shortage, the game is scheduled to be played at 2:00 p.m. Knowing that this time change will make attending this game more difficult, we have opted to change parent's night to Sept 24th, at home, vs Burke.

24.Wearing hats on Fridays will cost you $1.00…A list will be emailed to the teachers to make them aware of who has paid.

Elementary Announcements

1. Monies for School Portraits are due Wednesday, September 29th.

2. Wearing hats on Fridays will cost you $1.00…A list will be emailed to the teachers to make them aware of who has paid.

Happy Birthday: Sophie Hofeldt (9/24), Oakley Schenefeld (9/25), Naudia Haukaas (9/26)